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I’ve done sport regularly for years, but do not eat very healthily, however, which is my big minus. For that reason I never manage to lose weight. I was about 10 kilos overweight, which really got on my nerves because the fat is mostly on my stomach. Even if it’s firm, the pounds are annoying. To put an end to this I wanted to take LIDA Daidaihua as I had heard that you could lose weight quickly and effectively and, above all, not put weight on afterwards. Hard to believe, but true, as I found out myself. I decided to try LIDA for just 4 weeks. In those 4 weeks I could almost see the pounds melting away. I have lost a proud 9 kilos and the one kilo overweight certainly doesn’t bother me any more. LIDA ensured that I was no longer very hungry but was extremely thirsty. I had no side effects until I got a couple of pimples, but I can live with that. They finally went away at last. Just like the much hated excess weight.

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I havent had a steady relationship for years. Just not born for it and really dont want a girlfriend. They just cause stress. Nevertheless, I go to the knocking shop every now and again to get what I need. I dont have to justify myself there and can do everything I fancy without duress. So as not to disappoint myself and my sexual partner I take Viagra Original occasionally That helps me to get my prick harder and stiffer Furthermore, I am delighted that sex with Viagra lasts a long time and when I feel like it, I can still do it straight away. I have also tried out Viagra on different one-night stands and so far cannot complain. Thanks to Viagra I was mostly more than one hundred percent ready for action.

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