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All you need to know about ED.

An unofficial figure of 3 million men in UK alone suffer from some degree of erection problem. According to an educated guess almost half of the men above 40 years are the victim of ED to some degree. Unfortunately very few take up the medication. Again the unofficial figures state that only 13-15% of these men request for medication.

ANY disorder that interferes with your physical ability to produce an erection may cause ED - particularly any condition that affects the flow of blood to the penis during sexual stimulation. Some of the health conditions commonly associated with ED include high blood pressure, heart disease (sometimes called "cardiovascular" disease) and high cholesterol, diabetes or depression. In simple words Erectile Dysfunction is the lack of ability in a man to achieve erection long enough for complete sexual act. That is to achieve orgasm.

OUR body has Phosphodiesterase Type-5 enzymes (also known as PDE-5 enzymes) that sometimes restrict the flow of blood towards penis leading to erection problem. It is a physical ailment and actually happens with a lot people. Such physical ailing had been discussed way back in 300 AD in Kamasutra. In modern society we are still trying to comprehend whether to discuss it or not.

Erectile Dysfunction does not have to be a part aging. Perhaps with age a man need active stimulation and some time to get ready. Still, a man in his 50s or 60s should be able to achieve erection and have sex.

Issues with ED happen often with age. Up to 57% of men of 60-year-old face this problem. The causes of the issues in such situation are mostly physical. It can be a side effect of drugs, diseases or serious injury. Erectile dysfunction usually caused by anything that can damage nerves or influence blood flow to the penis.

Major reasons of ED are:

Alcohol and drug addiction
High blood pressure
Issues with arteries
Hormone imbalance.

Is Erection Dysfunction a physical problem or an emotional one?

ERECTILE Dysfunction occurs naturally alongside some other physical disabilities. It may happen due to diabetes or high blood pressure & various other reasons. And of course men tends to loose their potential of performance in the bed when they starts ageing. Either they are unable to maintain erection during the act or face premature ejaculation problem. The result is a very frustrating and an agonizing bed experience. This is exactly known as Erectile Dysfunction.

Any condition which interferes with the flow of blood to the penis causes ED. Some heath problems which cause this are: High blood pressure, Heart Disease, or a depressed state of mind.

Diseases (e.g., diabetes, kidney disease, alcoholism, atherosclerosis), account for as many as 70% of chronic ED cases and psychological factors (e.g., stress, anxiety, depression) may account for 10-20% of cases.

Emotions also important in case with erectile dysfunction. A man suffer from ED if he has problems in relationships with his partner. Additional psychological reasons that result in erectile dysfunction are everyday stress, unconsciousness, anxiety over failure and depression. A frank talk with the doctor and physical exam can help to discover the cause of the problem and to start the treatment.

Can ED be treated?

Consult your doctor to improve your erection quality as well as check health conditions that could be causing the changes in erectile function.

Treatment options for ED

The treatment options are:

PDE-5 Inhibitors like Levitra
Injection therapy
Urethral insertion tablets
Vaccum Devices
Surgical implants
Other oral medicines

Which is the best treatment?

Consult your doctor and choose the option which is best for you. Incase one option doesn't work, try out the other ones.

Talk to your partner about erectile difficulties and how it is affecting your relationship. It will bring you closer and improve your chances of a successful treatment.

Viagra: Lasting Effect

A lot of men in this world would like to know exactly - how long does Viagra effect last? If avoid details, you can say that the effect can last for at least 4 hours.

In fact, the effectiveness of Viagra pill falls in an hour or two after taking. The effectiveness of Viagra might depend on some factors that can increase or decrease it.

Viagra can stay within the male body for a while. Factors, that influence on that are:

Health issues (especially with to kidneys)
Taking with other medicines

Factors, decreasing the time of Viagra effect are:

Consuming a heavy meal or fatty food before taking a pill
Combination of Viagra and grapefruit or its juice
Taking other medicines containing nitrates

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