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Premature Ejaculation Treatment

Statistics does not help

According to the statistics, the average sex intercourse lasts a little bit longer than 8 minutes. Does it mean that a “perfect lover” is a man able to have sex for more than 15 minutes? Unfortunately, it is not like that. During the latest medical research 2000 women in different countries of Europe answered questions about their idea of a perfect sexual intercourse. The results look like this:

  • Foreplay 3-7 minutes
  • Oral sex 5-7 minutes
  • Sexual intercourse 15-45 minutes.

As you see, even 15 minutes of sex (which is twice as much as an average time of sexual intercourse) will allow you just to avoid the title of “bad lover”. And just imagine what women think about men who are not able to outlast.

Age is not a barrier for having good sex!

Usually, the ability to control orgasm comes with time and sexual experience. Older men become more experienced and can postpone orgasm and stay active as long as needed. If you can’t satisfy your partner with the first try, you will not probably get the second chance. There are three available options:

  1. Change your sexual partners frequently. It is not the wisest decision you can make. Think about reputation you can get and a possibility to contract sexually transmitted diseases. Besides, you risk to miss the real love while gaining experience with all those girls.
  2. Do specific physical exercises to take control over your orgasm. They are Kegel exercises for men and physical activity that improves circulation of the blood in pelvic cavity. But to achieve the result you will need time and the effect will be lost if you miss just a couple of training.
  3. Use medications to delay ejaculation - Kamagra, Cialis or Priligy.  Kamagra is quick in providing effect, Cialis provides the longest time of action, and Priligy helps to control ejaculation and prolongs the intercourse.

Help yourself

There are specific medications developed to help millions around the world. These preparations designed to treat PE (premature ejaculation). They are both preparations for potency enhancement and highly specialized medications. There are three preparations worth your attention:

  1. Kamagra. What is Kamagra? Initially the purpose of Kamagra tablets was erectile dysfunction treatment. Then manufacturers added Dapoxetine to the composition of the drug. The active component helps to control emotions during sexual intercourse and to postpone the ejaculation. What is Kamagra Oral Jelly? It is the same as Kamagra gel - liquid Viagra in small sachet. Buy Kamagra UK  - it is a great solution if you want to improve your sex life. 
  2. Cialis. This preparation for potency is one in three, as marketers say. First, Cialis provides strong erection for 36 hours; second, it helps to prolong the sexual interaction affecting the muscles of genitals; and third, it helps to rich an outstanding orgasm. For experienced people “buy Cialis” means “enjoy on the full”.
  3. Priligy. Unlike the previous two, this medication is for premature ejaculation treatment only and does not influence the erection.

Buying potency boosters (like Kamagra 100mg) online can help you to solve the problem of premature ejaculation. Practically all qualitative medications in one or another way influence the duration of sexual intercourse. The list above includes the most effective medications that worth your attention.

Make your choice and forget about sleep, because after sunset you will enjoy your sex all night long.

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